Android APP 開發工程師

Binance(幣安) 是全球最大的加密貨幣交易所。你想參與區塊鏈科技與加密貨幣的革命式創新,跟我們一起改變世界嗎?


    • 開發和設計基於Android的金融交易客戶端

    • 根據產品需求完成:需求分析、模組化設計、編碼、真機測試等工作

    • 完成高質量的程式碼編寫和測試,按時完成專案並不斷迭代完善

    • 優化軟體的易用性,提升用戶體驗

    • 鑽研並應用移動客戶端新技術

    • 職缺要求

    • 熟悉且能掌握 Kotlin/Java/C++,並具有良好的程式語言開發基礎

    • 有通過閱讀 Android source code解決問題的經驗

    • 有成熟的 JNI 開發經驗

    • 至少完整參與過一個成熟產品的開發週期,同時也至少有一個上架的應用

    • 對代碼質量有較高的要求,追求寫出至少自己認為很優雅的程式碼,高可維護、可重複利用

    • 熱愛並擁抱開源文化,對業界較流行的開源軟體解決方案至少有自己的理解

    • 對新技術、新產品保持熱情,並具備持續學習的能力

    • 加分項

    • 有跨棧的能力和經歷

    • 了解區塊鏈技術或有虛擬貨幣交易經驗

    • 工作福利

    • 工作用電腦補助金

    • 結婚及生育禮金

    • 彈性工時制

    • 外語學習補助

    • 每年一次海外員工旅遊

    • 公司分紅與獎金

    • 按照公司獲利與表現分配,每兩個季度發放一次

    • 公司文化

    • 國際化的舞台。你會與不同國家的同事共事並一起打造全球化的產品

    • 高速的決策流程及執行

    • 組織扁平,如果對於公司有建議或想法可以直接提出給CEO

    • 精神時光屋般的快速成長環境,在虛擬貨幣產業變動及學習的速度是其他產業的好幾倍

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    • Create and maintain an advanced application for our exchange on the Android platform

    • Have the ability to balance high response, stable and efficient code with attractive and functional aesthetics

    • Work together with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features

    • Efficiently use third-party data sources and APIs

    • Create and execute unit tests on your code, to ensure its robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability

    • Troubleshoot issues, fix bugs and improve application performance

    • Requirements

    • 3+ years' experience of working on an Android Developer position

    • At least one original Android app published

    • Solid experience in software development experience

    • Good experience of working with remote data via REST and JSON

    • Excellent knowledge of Android SDK

    • Good familiarity with third-party libraries and APIs

    • Good knowledge of the general mobile landscape, architectures, trends, and emerging technologies

    • Understanding of the full mobile development life cycle.

    • BS or MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering or other related area

    • Conditions

    • Do something meaningful; Be a part of the future of finance technology and the no.1 company in the industry

    • Fast moving, challenging and unique business problems

    • International work environment and flat organisation

    • Great career development opportunities in a growing company

    • Possibility for relocation and international transfers mid-career

    • Competitive salary

    • Flexible working hours, Casual work attire

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