Associate Penetration Tester

The Associate Penetration Tester is responsible for verifying that our cloud based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) web applications are secure. The role involves performing threat modeling, security assessments, and ethical hacking of our web applications. In addition, the Associate Penetration Tester will be producing reports that document the risk of vulnerabilities identified by security assessments and penetration tests for each product team and our auditors.

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Who you are:

  • Passionate about information security and privacy

  • An evangelist regarding the importance of information security

  • Well versed in security issues affecting financial service organizations as well as widespread data center operations, such as cloud and mobile technology solutions

  • Committed to an ongoing partnership with other high profile groups within the organization (e.g. software development) to insure information security objectives are being understood and embraced

  • Established presence within information security communities

  • Ability to anticipate problems and recommend decisive action

  • Excellent communication skills (both written and oral)

  • Ability to work collaboratively across the organization

  • Self-driven, creative, and resourceful

How we work:

  • Casual, collaborative environment which embraces and operates under our shared principles

  • Complete transparency with open, honest discussions about our progress

  • Close working relationships across all areas of the organization

  • Focus on outcomes and learning

What we offer:

  • A strong commitment to Information Security both financially and organizationally

  • An existing talented and passionate Information Security team

  • The chance to meaningfully contribute to a vast market opportunity

  • A collaborative environment where our security team is empowered to help steer the direction of the team

  • A place to contribute your security knowledge company-wide through forum panels with our product development team

  • Annual training allowance to learn new things and bring it back to the team.

  • Flexible remote work schedule

  • Employee Stock Purchase Program (ESPP) which enables employees to share in the long-term growth and future success of the company

What you bring:

  • Preferred education equivalent to a Bachelor's degree in Information Security or related Computer Science

  • Be passionate about information security and privacy

  • Ability to evangelize regarding the importance of information security

  • Possess excellent communication skills (both written and oral)

  • Be self-driven, creative, and resourceful

  • 0 to 2 years of experience in one of the following - software development, security testing, vulnerability assessment

  • Be familiar with TCP/IP and networking concepts

  • Knowledge of the software development lifecycle and the ability to create and read code in a modern object-oriented programming language (such as or Python) and writing SQL scripts and web code (HTML/JavaScript/etc.)

  • Be willing to demonstrate coding proficiency in 6 months from hire

  • Have basic understanding of OWASP Top 10, Testing Guide, ASVS and other software security best practices

  • Knowledge of penetration testing against a wide variety of application layer platforms, including web, mobile, thick client, and Reverse Engineering, above and beyond running automated tools

  • Basic understanding of REST API, Security Testing, DAST and SAST tools

  • Ability to perform both manual and automated code reviews

  • General understanding of some of the following security tools - Burp Suite, ZAP, SQLMap, SQLNinja, Metasploit, Nessus, Wireshark, nmap, tcpdump, OSINT, Recon-ng, mimikatz, responder, maltego, aircrack-ng, Cain and Abel, JTR, hashcat, hydra, SET, Nikto, dirbuster, golismero, theHarvester, BeEf, Sparta, wfuzz

  • Candidates with personal projects and opensource contributions will be preferred

  • Solid understanding of object oriented programming concepts

During the last three months, you would have:

  • Evaluated security threats, assess the potential impact to the business, and implement strategies to detect and generate alerts on Security incidents

  • Performed threat modeling, ethical hacking (both automated and manual), and security assessments on our web and mobile applications.

  • Worked collaboratively with IT and Software Development to continually improve our security posture.

  • Calculated risk and created reports that documented our current risk of vulnerabilities identified from penetration tests for a variety of product teams.

  • Handled escalations quickly and worked closely with our product teams to verify that any identified vulnerabilities are addressed.

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