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We started Snackpass over 2 years ago at Yaleβ€” with a goal of making ordering food more convenient, affordable, and fun for college students. Within a few months of launch, we had over 80% of Yale using the app. Now, 18 months later, we are at 7 campuses and over $12M in sales per year. Our goal is to reach 100 campuses in 2019-2020 πŸ‘Š

At our first 7 campuses, we've been on the ground as the Campus Team. We partnered with sororities, fraternities, athletic teams, flyered every dorm, and threw free food booths to make Snackpass skyrocket on campus.

A strong Campus Team is the #1 factor in the success of Snackpass at a campus. We are excited to hand over the playbook we've put together so far so you can make Snackpass viral at your campus too.

Campus Directors are entrepreneurial, creative, and thrive under pressure. As Campus Director, your job lies at the intersection of leadership, creativity, marketing, and analytics. You'll play a vital role in Snackpass' success, taking the lead in building and managing your campus squad to fuel growth on your campus and beyond.


    • Work closely with our full time Growth Team team to create and execute marketing campaigns

    • Recruit, interview, and manage Brand Ambassadors

    • Host biweekly meetings with Brand Ambassadors to review growth metrics, campus updates, marketing campaigns

    • Organize and run events with sororities and fraternities sponsored by Snackpass

    • Navigate student organization partnerships with Snackpass

    • Organize, staff, and run free food booths for signups and brand awareness

    • Be up to date on campus culture, events for collabs

    • Recruit and manage the Hype Team

After a semester as Campus Director, you'll be prepared to bring a product to market and even launch your own entrepreneurial pursuit. You may just want to stick with us though ;) As a Campus Director, you'll have acquired connections to the founders and growth team at Snackpass, and top performing Campus Directors will be considered for summer internships and full time jobs.

Now, snack on that! πŸ˜‰

Best of luck...

The Snackpass Team

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