Content Curator 📸

Snackpass Content Curators make the magic that spurs Snackpass around the globe 💫 As a campus content curator, you'll focus on the restaurants Snackpass has on your campus. We'll provide you with credit on the app to capture interactive photos and videos of the food and drinks on your campus, plus some extra credit to get free food for yourself and friends as reward 😎

You will send in your content to us at HQ, and we'll post and share your work on our social media and other websites. All while crediting YOU of course.

We are looking for artistic, creative and fun individuals who know how to have FUN with FOOD 😝 For content inspiration, check out the Food In The Air Instagram and Food Lover Instagram page for pictures and Love Food Instagram page for videos. If these accounts don't make you DROOL 🤤 then I don't know what will. Previous photography and videography experience is preferred.

Furthermore... creativity and hustle are ALWAYS rewarded at Snackpass. Top Content Curators will be eligible for prizes and bonuses as well as a Summer Internship or Full Time career at Snackpass 🚀

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