Front End Developer

  • This person must be experienced with reactjs (experienced with angularjs is a plus)

  • This person will contribute to the overall design and lead the implementation and maintenance of our central web UI shell that will incorporate various UIs from our many micro-services into one composite experience.

    • They will also be developing and maintaining the web UIs provided by those micro-services.

  • This person must be experienced with writing unit tests for react (and other tech) to ensure correct behavior at all times

  • This person must have an enormous attention to detail and grasp the overall big picture of making the product as visually stunning, robust yet simplistic as possible for our clients.

  • This person must be able to successfully lead and teach a team of lesser-experienced front end engineers by both guiding and delegating tasks to them.

  • Experience with C# and dotnet core is a plus.

  • SOLID is a plus

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