Software Engineer- Database Internals- Hot Open Source Database Company

We need extraordinary engineers to join our team. You will act as both architect and programmer, designing, coding, and testing the core of our open-source time-series database. Our focus is on building a scalable, reliable, robust, usable, secure, performant database. You should have strong systems-building experience and expertise in C, understand both query optimization and database systems, and ideally already be a PostgreSQL expert (or show an interest and quick aptitude to become a PostgreSQL expert). And the future of managing and making sense of the deluge of time-series data should excite you.

This is a full time position at our office in New York City, Stockholm, or Remote.


  • Play a core role in helping to design and develop new database capabilities, including analytics, clustering and distributed operations, query and storage optimizations, and more.

  • Develop, test, and release new features and functionality from our database technical roadmap.

  • Continually improve, optimize, and test existing functionality of TimescaleDB.

  • Work with engineers both at Timescale and the open-source community to coordinate new functionality and deliver powerful integrations of the database into large applications and pipelines.

  • Provide elevated technical assistance to high-value customers, gaining insight into the needs and experiences of our users.

  • Be an enthusiastic and personable teammate, receiving and providing code reviews, and otherwise partnering and helping other engineers.


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent experience; advanced degrees also welcome (most of our core engineering team have PhDs in computer systems).

  • 5+ years engineering experience.

  • Expertise building industrial-strength software in C/C++ for large code-bases.

  • Experience in PostgreSQL internal development highly desirable (but not required).

  • Solid knowledge of SQL, query processing and database engines, concurrency control, data replication, and/or distributed systems.

  • Passionate about building highly-reliable system software.

  • Experience with industry-standard software validation tools helpful, e.g., valgrind, Coverity, pprof, etc.

Please include a short note as to why you are a fit for this role.

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