Associate DevOps Engineer

The Associate DevOps Engineer will support and participate in developing and maintaining tools and processes surrounding our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud-based Payroll and HR products across multiple development, staging and production environments, and provide support to development teams producing our software products. This is done by assisting product development teams provision, deploy, configure, and monitor the software they create, and working with other DevOps Engineers to support and help improve tools and processes that empower teams to work faster and easier, on their own. This position?will be the first point of contact for development teams to get assistance with setup, operation, and teardown of applications. DevOps associates triage issues, solve what they can, and involve others in more difficult issues that require additional help.

(Note: Different teams put more emphasis on certain goals and types of work, and by extension the toolsets that support them. For example: Delivery Platforms focuses on CI/CD and software artifacts. Environments focuses on building out and configuring large groups of servers into environments. The SRO team focuses on application telemetry, reliability, and fast recovery from critical incidents. The Dev Support team combines all the above to ensure development teams are successfully building, deploying, operating, and monitoring their software.)

Who you are

Enthusiastic about automating processes and systems that make it fast and easy to provide great software to our customers

Likes interacting with people to ensure they are enabled to do the work they need to do

A natural problem solver that can quickly troubleshoot problems

Detail-oriented and collaborative During your first three months at Paylocity, you will:

Support automated build and deployment pipeline tools; source and artifact repositories; SaaS product environments; and application telemetry, monitoring, alerting and logging platforms. Different sub-teams may put additional emphasis on one or more of the areas above

Identify process problems, and propose and help implement solutions

Be a primary point of contact with other teams who needed assistance with deployments, configurations, stability, performance, and issue resolution

Prepare and maintain documentation of tools, how to resolve operational issues, and how to perform team tasks

Provide on-call support for emergencies Required Experience

Associate's degree in computer science, engineering, technology related field or equivalent experience required?

Previous experience?(ideally 1+?yrs) supporting and maintaining deployment pipelines, server farms and environments, and/or monitoring and alerting solutions

Demonstrated ability to troubleshoot software/hardware issues and apply solutions?

Experience working in or with agile development teams

Has maintained a positive and inclusive working relationship with peers and management?

Good written and verbal communication skills

Familiarity with some or all of: Automated deployment tools (e.g., Octopus Deploy or Urban Code Deploy), CI tools (e.g., TeamCity or Jenkins) , SCM tools (e.g., BitBucket or GitHub), Artifact repository systems (e.g., Artifactory or Nexus), Infrastructure-as-Code or Configuration Management tools (e.g., Ansible, Chef, or Terraform), Telemetry, monitoring, alerting, and logging tools (e.g., ELK, Splunk, AppDynamics, LogicMonitor, and/or NewRelic), Scripting tools (e.g., Powershell or Bash)

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