Experienced Engineering Manager - Remote

As an experienced Engineering Manager, you will manage a team of 10 to 15 engineers operating in small squads of 4-5 engineers and work directly with Product, Research and Design teams as well as customer stakeholders and technical leads to build complex custom software applications.

While this is a remote friendly role, the engineering manager should expect to travel to client site one week per quarter on average.

Responsibilities and Duties

Strategy and Consulting

  • Run and / or participate in project kick-offs.

  • Work with your team to select and design the software architecture, tools and platforms used to deliver client projects.

  • Define quality standards for client projects.

Hiring and Training

  • Attract, nurture, coach, and retain talent.

  • Ensure every assigned engineer has a career progression plan with regular check-in points and real-time feedback.

  • Ensure engineers are provided with continuous and valuable learning opportunities.

  • Contribute to determining engineering salary ranges and adjustments.

  • Contribute to defining and building the vision for our engineering organization.

  • Contribute to defining quality standards for our work.

  • Contribute to creating training and learning material and opportunities for engineers.

Managing and Directing

  • Talk to engineers to tease out concerns early, then fix them when possible.

  • Resolve conflicts or performance problems with engineers.

  • Embody the engineering culture and contribute to its advancement, inspiring everyone to live up to it.

  • Maintainer and contributor to our company engineering internal and public artifacts such as our quality standards and guidelines.

  • Represent the engineering organization with other departments and ensure we provide engineering support wherever necessary in the company.

  • Support team happiness.

Engineering and Delivery

  • Responsible for the quality and quantity of the engineering output.

  • Responsible for the continuous, iterative improvement of our engineering team.

  • Responsible for the overall planning, execution, and success of complex technical projects.

  • Work closely with product management teams to ensure we're building the best products.

  • When necessary, act as Programmer, QA, Architect, PM, etc for short periods of time.

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