2020 UC Berkeley Career Fair

You are a product-driven software engineer excited to build the future of Snackpass during your summer 2020 internship!


What we're looking for


We are looking for a software engineering junior / intern to join the core team. The cement is still wet, and we're hoping you're excited to actively mold it.  Our shared goal is building products and experiences that delight our customers. 


What you'll do


Work closely with all core functions - design, sales, marketing - to build the future of Snackpass

·         Build scalable apps & features to delight our users, restaurant partners, and internal team

·         Prioritize features that give our users the most delight and value

·         Ensure a high standard for aesthetic is maintained

·         Find pride in taking ownership of what you build, test and ship. Find creativity for the little and the large  


Projects you might work on 


Projects you work on might be similar to those each of us have taken on in the past:

·         Building a viral referral feature that scales user acquisition

·         Building an automated remittance system that touches every dollar flowing through our platform

·         Conceptualizing a new reviews feature, interviewing users, building and launching a prototype, and then iterating with even more feedback


Our stack 


Everyone is welcome to apply, regardless of familiarity with our stack. Most of all, we value creativity, passion, work ethic and a willingness to learn whatever's needed to get the job done.  We do not require prior knowledge of these specific tools.  That said, our stack is largely comprised of the following languages and frameworks:

·         Node 

·         React, React Native

·         MongoDB


We're enthusiastic about our tooling and tech stack, in pursuit of the end product and user experience they provide.


Who you are

You are a student who is pursuing or has achieved a BS / MS / PhD in Computer Science or related fields. 

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