Advanced Data Analyst

The Advanced Data Analyst position is a data scientist focused on analysis and decision making.

The ideal candidate is a curious and critical person, someone excited about tackling difficult challenges.

We work across multiple areas and teams such as marketing, fraud, product, logistics, growth and others.We work with Python, PySpark, Kafka, SQL, Databricks, AWS, Docker,Tableau, among many other technologies.

We work in squads, alongside engineers, product owners, other data scientists and analysts.

What you will do:

  •  Understand our business model.

  •  Work with *large* volumes of data.

  •  Formulate and test hypothesis from business needs

  •  Properly communicate actionable insights from your analyses.

Who you are:

  •  You are an analytic-minded person with a strong bias towards action, delivering results quickly with iteration instead of waiting for perfection.

  • You are an expert in data analysis and visualization tools, such as Tableau.

  • You are comfortable working with large data sets and big data technologies (Databricks, Spark, Python...).

  • You are proficient in manipulating large data sets with complex SQL and Python (or other similar languages).

  • You are able to multitask and work on multiple ongoing projects, with minimal oversight, documentation, and defined process.

  • You are an experienced data story-telling and have experience communicating to stakeholders at all levels of the business.

  •  You have exceptional communication skills and can manage stakeholder priorities directly.

Experience & Requirements:

  • Willingness to learn new things everyday.

  • SQL, PySpark, Python.

  • Flexibility to work in a demanding and dynamic environment.

  •  Available for Remote Work.

  • Fluent or Advanced English.

Nice to Have

We value, but do not require,previous experience in:

  • Startups.

  • Consulting.

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