AWS SecOps Engineer (Full-Remote in Japan*)

PayPay is looking for a self-driven and motivated AWS SecOps(Platform Security) Engineer to help secure our payment platform. Our Platform/infrastructure is mainly based on AWS and GCP.
* Please note, this position is a part of our Product Security Engineer position, but with a strong focus on AWS security management.

Tasks would include:

  • Security Architecture reviews and re-design of existing AWS and GCP infrastructure

  • Security Architecture reviews and design of new AWS and GCP infrastructure

  • Design and enforce secure infrastructure deployment and deployment flows

  • Perform Infrastructure security testing and patching to keep up with recent security implementation and best practices.

  • Evaluating and Implementing new security technologies such as vulnerability testing, logging, monitoring and incident responses and maintaining them.

  • Working in a fast paced environment where projects and prioritization may change frequently, security will always remain.

【Tech Stack 】We select the best combination of tech at times.

  • AWS

    • IAM, VPC, KMS, EC2, CloudTrail, SecurityHub and GuardDuty

    • RDS, EKS, Elasticsearch, Elasticache and others

  • GCP

    • BigQuery, Storage & Google Analytics

  • TCP Networking, SSL/TLS, Key Management Systems

  • MySQL/AuroraDB, DynamoDB, ELK, Kafka, Redis, TiDB

  • Terraform, Jenkins, Github Actions

  • Snyk, Snort,

  • PlantUML, Cloudcraft

  • Slack, Zoom


  • Minimum of 3 years of demostronstated, production level experience with a few hundred+ servers doing the following:

  • Initial verification, design and implementation of security in AWS using the following AWS Services:

  • IAM, VPC, KMS, EC2, CloudTrail, SecurityHub and GuardDuty

  • Automated security monitoring and incident response in AWS

  • IAC tools in AWS such as Terraform, Ansible

  • Security implementations in Kubernetes and microservice architectures

  • Linux internals and securing Linux based infrastructure

  • Securing data systems such as:

    • RDS (e.g. MySQL, Aurora)

    • NoSQL (e.g. Redis, Elasticsearch, Cassandra)

    • MQ (e.g. Kafka)

  • Experience with git and CI/CD tools

  • Python and shell scripting

  • Motivated to work with the platform and infrastructure for modern system using micro-service architecture

Preferred Qualifications

  • Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Computer Science or related field

  • Experience with other cloud service providers (e.g GCP)

  • CVE Contributions

  • Open Source tools contributions

  • Published papers / blogs / articles

Hiring Process

  1. Application Review (1-2 weeks)

  • HR and Team will review your resume

  • Code challenge (online)

    • Coding Test will be sent via Hirevue system

    • It takes 3-4 hours (max) to complete

    • If you need to extend the due date, please contact HR

  • Interviews (online)

    • 2-3 rounds of online interview(s)

    • Live Coding could be requested

    • Please make sure the reason you applied to PayPay (Why Fintech? Why Startup? Why PayPay?)

  • Job Offer
  • Other Information

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