Back-end Engineer, Team Lead

Our Back-end Engineer, Team Lead

As Knotch’s Back-end Engineer, Team Lead, you will lead a growing team of four API engineers on various internal and external APIs. Our leaders empower others to succeed by giving mentorship and guidance to their team members every day. You’ll be trusted by your team to guide their efforts in constructing these APIs as part of new features and new products. Your empathy and relentlessness are key traits that will help you remain resilient and connected to your team in a fast-paced environment like ours. Your investments in your team will directly impact our products and help Knotch scale as a company. You will work closely every day with your API team, our Engineering team leads, and Product/Project Managers, and you’ll report directly to our VP of Engineering, Sekhar Vajjhala.

How you’ll add value at Knotch:

  • Manage a team of API Engineers through mentorship and pair-programming

  • Confidently estimate your team’s scope of work for on-time deliveries

  • Work with product management on product and requirement scoping

  • Promote the concept of test-driven development

  • Write elegant and expressive Ruby and/or Javascript for our backend APIs

  • Work with our Front-end Engineers to design APIs and deliver data to our product’s Front-end

  • Seek to understand our system architecture and subsequently seek to improve it alongside our Data and Architecture teams

You’ll be successful here if you:

  • Have managed a team of engineers in at least one previous role

  • Possess deep experience building and maintaining RESTful APIs

  • Are comfortable writing object-oriented code such as in Ruby on Rails

  • Confidently write SQL with aggregate functions regularly

  • Demonstrate pride in your experiences working on engineering teams

We also appreciate (but don’t require):

  • Experience with ORMs such as ActiveRecord or Sequel for Ruby or Sequelize for NodeJS

  • Past experience with Postgres specific functions

  • Past experience interacting with cloud architecture, specifically in AWS


Knotch is an equal opportunity employer. 

We strive to provide equal opportunities in all of our processes, including our hiring and employee experience.

We pride ourselves on our three values: transparency, relentlessness, and inclusiveness.

We commit to daily work towards leading with empathy, reducing bias through periodic training, and engaging with and uplifting communities of marginalized groups.

We condemn all forms of racism and discrimination on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, marital status, pregnancy or parenthood status, veteran status, disability status or any other identifier.

We encourage all employees, clients, investors, candidates, vendors, and friends of Knotch to deliver honest feedback directly or anonymously so that we may always seek to improve as an organization that is dedicated to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Share your thoughts with us, and you will be heard.

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