Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

We are looking for a talented and motivated developer to join a fast-growing, innovative biotechnology company. Our Junior Cloud Infrastructure Engineer will work closely with our research scientists, front-end, and back-end teams to develop and deploy our cloud-based infrastructure, with a focus on automation, configuration, and alerting.


  • Continuously improve cloud infrastructure and our use of AWS services.

  • Automate and improve software deployment and operations processes.

  • Create reusable and templated packages -- promoting standardization across workflows, accelerating development and deployment cycles.

  • Develop and deploy containerized pipelines and processes.


  • 1+ years of experience in Cloud Infrastructure, DevOps, or IT Operations roles

  • An understanding of microservices architecture and its application to software development

  • Familiarity with building and maintaining containers, runtime environments, and custom machine images.

  • Knowledge of Django and/or Flask


  • Experience deploying computational workloads on AWS Batch, Kubernetes, or other workload managers.

  • Experience managing and protecting large datasets in AWS.

  • Knowledge of AWS tools (CloudFront, FarGate, Lambda)

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