DevOps Engineer

OpSourced | DevOps Engineer | Full-Time | REMOTE (US Only) | Hiring Mid to Senior Level

OpSourced is a team of DevOps Experts providing Managed DevOps, DevOps as a Service, Lift & Shift Operations, and project based DevOps consulting for companies around the globe. We help companies adopt or improve their DevOps practices and give our customers the ability to reach out to us like they would an internal team.

You'll work with all the major cloud providers while managing fleets of instances and containers, along with their automation, orchestration, monitoring, and alert response. If you've ever wanted to work at a scale that few companies do, you'll find the right challenge here with us!

Minimum Qualifications :

  • Experience with config management or automation frameworks. (i.e. Ansible / Terraform / CloudFormation / Capistrano)

  • Proficient in at least one Programming Language

  • Experience maintaining production infrastructure in a Linux Environment.

  • Strong DevOps Experience and Customer Service mindset.

  • Ability to participate in on-call/pager rotation.

  • U.S. Residents Only.

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