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UKG is looking to hire a Distinguished Architect for UKG Pro’s Foundations team. This person will serve as a member of the Technology & Innovation Development organization with oversight on projects that deliver Platform services and components that enable the foundational capabilities and scale of the UKG Pro Suite of HCM offerings. This person will lead a team of senior software architects that will work on make the tactical and strategic architectural decisions that will set the foundation to solve complex product and technical goals for the suite. They will establish the starting point for new technologies, architectural patterns and practices, and enterprise architecture scale and efficiencies that will shape how software development and technology adoption will evolve at UKG. As a technical leader in the Development organization, this person will be responsible for aligning and enabling a large team of architects, tech leads, software engineers, quality engineers, data engineers, and site reliability engineers in order to deliver on the architectural strategy that will enable business, product, and technological innovation for the existing technical community at UKG.

• Collaborate with Development Vice Presidents and Senior Directors in defining and understanding the business requirements tied to imperative business strategic goals
• Build, manage, and lead a team of Principal Architects to mentor and drive software architects and tech leads to make architectural decisions in order to achieve key business, product, and technology strategic goals
• Establish practices of assessing the architecture risks and enable the team of architects to maintain the clear picture of architecture risks and concerns, as well as their mitigation plans
• Lead team to define architectural vision, design, guidance, and operational plans towards the effective delivery of products and services that meet or exceed key objectives for the business. Ensure consistency of the architectural artifacts
• Lead team to research, design, test, and evaluate new technologies via the agile delivery of Proof of Concepts (POCs)
• Lead a group of Software, Data, and Cloud Principal Architects to serve as Technical Ambassadors of goodwill for our internal Technical Community as well as the external Tech Industry and Academia communities
• Lead the definition of the emerging technical and architectural strategies based on the results of research and experimentation
• Lead the team to effectively communicate and present the technical strategies so that development teams properly understand why the strategies need to be adopted
• Serve as Technical Ambassador outside of UKG for engineering exploration across many aspects of technology, including but not limited to Software, Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud, user interface (UI), Quality, and Security
• Lead the team to build and maintain critical partnership and collaborative work with the external technical industry, open-source communities, and academia
• Lead the team to develop and maintain a set of incubated coded libraries and components in inner-sourced repositories
• Lead the team to publish technical white papers and research findings to larger technical communities, partnering with industry and academia as needed
• Lead the team to prepare and publish materials for the submission of patents, as needed
• Lead the team to serve as technical strategic advisors to research work being executed in the Development organization
• Lead the team to speak on large stages, conferences, and events in order to communicate UKG’s technology story

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