Frontend Technical Lead

Lead Software Engineer, JavaScript/Front-End

Do you have the drive and desire to join an early stage startup, take on significant ownership, and build something amazing? Want to be employee #4! Work with experienced founders who have prior success with building savvy tech in both prior companies and most recently with a startup that was sold to a fortune 500 company.

Product: Will revolutionize the way data scientists build next-generation AI technology.

You are a JavaScript pro with a real passion for building things that are fast and easy to use. You are able to make trade-offs between when to use external packages or frameworks and when to write low level JavaScript and you are comfortable with both.


  • Strong Object Orientated JavaScript development for multiple browsers

  • Expertise with JavaScript technologies such as Node.js, React, Grunt/Gulp/Webpack, TypeScript, Cyprus, Karma, Selenium, BrowserStack

  • Expertise in all aspects of software development, e.g. architecture, design, implementation, and testing

  • Experience developing online IDEs , e.g. JupyterLab, vscode, Theia

  • Building scalable and performant web applications

  • Leading technical projects or being a technical lead

  • Experience with shipping multiple products

  • Experience with building front end from scratch

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