Full Stack Mobile Developer

The Christian Chain is currently looking for an experienced Full Stack Mobile Developer to work with our in-house Technology Team who can understand our organization's needs and expectations of an application and has expertise in a variety of skills, including the ability to work with all layers involved in the mobile application life cycle. This includes knowledge of various software languages and the composition of the various layers in mobile systems. The Developer must be able to visualize the entire project and successfully guide the team through the actual building, analyzing, and testing as the project moves through the development process. The ideal candidate for this position is a hands-on professional with strong knowledge of various mobile platforms, and an ability to translate our business needs into client-friendly functions that will ultimately expand the influence that our various ministries and resources have in our industry. In order to be considered all candidates must attach coding samples to their application and links to any completed projects along with descriptions on their part in the development process.

Basic Technology Requirements: You are required to provide your own working computer and a fast internet connection. A monthly stipend will be provided for you to use towards your internet costs. If needed, we are able to secure a computer for you at a discounted cost; but, that will be at your expense.


  • Managing the complete software development process from conception to deployment

  • Ensuring that the app adds to the user experience, not just a Web App in Mobile Form

  • Linking to various webhooks, APIs and JSON calls that the web development team creates using the Ruby on Rails backend

  • Maintaining and upgrading the software following deployment

  • Managing the end-to-end life cycle for the production of software and applications

  • Overseeing and guiding the analyzing, writing, building, and deployment of the app

  • Overseeing the automated testing and providing feedback to management during the development process

  • Create applications that address the phases of SDLC (software development life cycle)

  • Develop comprehensive application testing procedures

  • Implement testing tools that monitor the ongoing performance of the various apps

  • Assist in updating application development policies to ensure that all future applications meet the latest technical requirements


  • Front-end technology: Understanding the importance of beautiful code is great, but if it results in ugly design, the user won’t use the app. So, a high attention to detail and UI development is essential

  • Development languages: This is a new area for our organization, so there is no set requirements on a particular language. We have access to Microsoft Azure, which I do believe has mobile development as part of its services. We are also interested in the functionality of coding languages like Ionic and the ability to develop for multiple platforms from one code base

  • Database and cache: Ability to link to online databases securely, and cache data accurately so that the user can utilize the parts of the app that do not require an internet connection, if they are without a connection

  • Excellent writing and verbal communication skills

  • Ability to visualize a proposed system and be able to build it

  • 4+ years’ experience in mobile application development 

  • Ability to create support documentation for all new applications

  • Strong teamwork skills

  • Proven knowledge of the most current security and mobile app development programming languages

  • Computer skills: As this is a remote position, strong computer skills are requested. We will be working with the program, Microsoft Teams to coordinate within the organization and have internal calls and video huddles/meetings. Proficiency in Outlook and Word is expected, experience with Excel and PowerPoint is encouraged.

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