Lead Developer (GCP)

Virtasant is a global cloud services provider with industry-leading technology, capabilities, and people. We've been working with the cloud, testing its limits and capabilities for over a decade now. We have built the Cloud Cost Optimization (CO) platform, which is the industry-leading methodology and software to track and optimize spending on cloud platforms like AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.

Are you an experienced software manager and have previous hands-on development? Are you able to manage a portfolio of products and engineering teams in a virtual environment using fully remote teams? This role requires an ambitious engineer willing to assume the role of Lead Developer to build/manage a team building Cost Optimisation platform for GCP.

Continue your growth as a leader, maintain your technical edge, and be exposed to different technologies. Be part of an organization that is pushing the limits of software engineering, using cutting edge technologies in the cloud, and working with some of the world's leading companies to help them make the most of the cloud.

This position is 100% remote and can be done from anywhere in the world.


  • Hold your team to high standards in how they coach other team members and enforce quality bars.

  • Participate in platform development; write easy to read and easy to understand code. This role would still include day-to-day hands-on development.

  • Be accountable for the quality of weekly software releases for enterprise software products and solutions.

  • Lead by consistently innovating and improving the quality and reliability of the products and solutions you own.

  • Partner with our clients to deliver high-quality solutions that help them make the most of the cloud.

  • Using your technical experience to understand problems such as why releases are delayed, defects escape, and processes break.

  • Analyzing data to detect quality failure patterns and writing improvement plans that you will execute once approved.


  • At least 3 years of programming experience with Python

  • 10+ years of solid experience in software development and architecture, including QA methodologies.

    • Now, we understand that years of experience in itself is not the best measure of one's expertise. We are looking for someone who has built multiple solutions in their career, experienced various technologies and approaches, understand how the industry is changing, and are able to quickly adapt to new technology or approach.

  • Experience with containers, containerization, and microservice architecture.

  • Solid knowledge of the basic GCP services and development/management tools:

    • Compute Engine, Cloud Functions, BigTable, BigQuery DataStore, Spanner, Cloud Pub/Sub

    • Cloud SDK / GCP CLI

    • Logging/Monitoring tools

    • Cost Analysis, Cost Management Tools

  • Experience with at least one IaaC platform: Terraform, CF, etc.

  • 5+ years in software engineering leadership position leading 30+ people teams.

  • Experience in building and growing high-performing teams based on scalable best-practices within an engineering organization.

  • Full 8 hours overlap with PST-timezone.


  • A competitive compensation package.

  • Ability to work with some of the most talented/experienced people in the industry.

  • Fully covered certification program for AWS, GCP, and Azure.

  • Flexible time-off policy.

  • 100% remote position.

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