Lead Full Stack Engineer-Ruby on Rails: Remote US Only

Imagine working on a global communication network that’s used by 3.7 billion people and every day more than a quarter trillion messages cross this network. There’s just one problem: Because authentication isn’t built into this platform, nobody can be certain who is sending most of these messages. This gap means that companies are vulnerable to a whole host of attacks on their employees, partners, and customers. Whether it’s wire fraud, W-2 thefts, or “fake news” in an attempt to destroy a brand, companies have been powerless to protect themselves against these impersonation attacks.

Valimail solves this problem. We’ve built a revolutionary platform on top of open standards — DMARC, DKIM, and SPF — that for the first time makes it possible for any organization to protect itself against email impersonation. Valimail pioneered the notion of automated email authentication, with innovative components like our DNS-based Authenticator (including our patented Instant SPF). Our system enables organizations to authenticate their email quickly, easily, and reliably.

We’re committed to building a more trusted email ecosystem by being a leader in Email Authentication as a Service. As part of that commitment, we’re active participants in the open source and standards communities. We’re co-authors of open standards like ARC and BIMI, and contribute to a variety of open source projects that serve the wider community.

As Valimail’s Lead Ruby on Rails Engineer, you’ll be a major contributor to the company’s success. You’ll share in the design, development, and deployment of major pieces of the Valimail system. Your technical contributions will help protect dozens of brands, authenticate hundreds of millions of emails every day, and protect people all over the world from fraud.

If you like the idea of working on planetary-scale messaging systems with some of the latest tools and making a difference in the lives of half the world’s population, we’d love to talk to you.

What You'll be Doing

  • Design, document, build, and maintain performant APIs in Ruby on Rails that underpin our products and are consumed by 3rd party developers

  • Nurture a high performance small team by helping our developers through pairing and code reviews, and sometimes holding learning sessions in the team

  • Give and receive constructive feedbacks

  • Work with UX designers and frontend engineers, so we can provide them with excellent foundations for them to build world-class products

  • Make technical judgement calls to balance time we invest and values we intend to bring to the world, while keeping our code base sustainable, and reduce surprises

  • Constantly improve our development practices

About You

  • Extensive experience working with gems in the Ruby/Rails ecosystem (e.g. Devise, Pundit, etc.).  

  • A dedication to automated testing, push-button deployment, and configuration management through IT automation.

  • Experience building large-scale production web applications with API interfaces.

  • A willingness to jump in and experiment with new technologies, and to get out of your comfort zone.

  • Have created a web application from scratch for a production use and maintained it

  • Have gone through performance challenges of a production RoR web application (e.g. stress testing and performance tuning)

  • Have implemented something in Ruby outside RoR framework and popular Ruby libraries (e.g. a Ruby gem, a DSL)

  • Have good understandings of multiple kinds of tests, and use some of them in your daily development activities

  • Have experiences with asynchronous jobs and/or data pipelines

  • Have contributed to open source communities

  • Have understanding why RoR is designed in the current way, and how it has influenced other web frameworks

  • Have understanding of what makes RoR possible

  • Have knowledge of other web application frameworks

  • Have good understanding of various project management methodologies, and when to use them

  • Care about your craft that brings values to users, and understand why before working on a project

  • Have influenced other developers through PR reviews and pair-programming

  • Have given talks at meetups/conferences and/or written articles/books in tech

  • Critically examine your thinking and ideas on a regular basis, and you are open to constructive criticism

  • You try to articulate your points in discussions and in your code

  • Can work with and help product managers to maximize the values we deliver as a unit

  • Have a desire to own a product or a service

Bonus Points

  • Have sunset a web application in production

  • Have designed and documented APIs that are consumed by multiple users excluding yourself

  • Have played a technical lead role of a team and pushed the bar of the team continuously and collaboratively

  • Specific experience with real-world DNS and/or email authentication standards is a plus.

  • Have a genuine interest in for the mission of enhancing our zero-trust approach to email sender identity.

  • Ability to work effectively at all levels of the stack rails, Ruby, Javascript ES6 and/or React.

  • Experience building, provisioning, and deploying services in the cloud in an automated fashion.

Valimail is hiring for this role remotely in the United States only

Valimail is the trusted leader in fully automated email authentication, with the only comprehensive platform for anti-impersonation, brand protection, and compliance used by corporations and federal agencies such as Uber, Fannie Mae, WeWork, and the U.S. Agency for International Development. Valimail Enforce is the only FedRAMP-authorized email authentication service and, because it uses no personally identifiable information (PII), it is also GDPR compliant. Valimail authenticates billions of messages a month for some of the world's biggest companies, in finance, government, transportation, health care, manufacturing, media, technology, and more. Valimail is based in San Francisco with our 2nd office being in Denver, CO. For more information visit www.Valimail.com.

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