Multiple Senior Data Engineering Roles (Remote)

At RXNT, we think of ourselves as a backbone to the US healthcare system. Every day, we provide the digital foundation on which healthcare professionals serve patients, order medications and lab tests, bill insurance companies, and interact with the wider healthcare community.

22 years of blood, sweat, and tears have taught us that this pursuit comes with great responsibility. It’s in the best interest of everyone if we hold ourselves to high standards, think rigorously, and at times, act urgently.

As a member of RXNT’s Practice Management team, you’ll work at the convoluted intersection where patients, providers, insurance companies, and medical billers meet to charge, transact, and settle disputes. The complexity of this space and shortcomings of old technology have led RXNT to emerge as a disruptor; we take pride in creating a seamless experience for users and pay mind to the vast potential for optimization.

We’re looking for self-motivated people who love to learn, are comfortable in a fast-paced and quickly-growing environment, and who seek ownership.

What you’ll be doing

  • As a Senior Data Engineer, you will design and implement substantial parts of RXNT’s medical billing solution.

  • You will manage and extend RXNT’s customer-facing data warehouse models (BigQuery, DBT), write complex user-facing analytical queries, write and refactor transactional SQL Server queries, maintain ELT pipelines (e.g. Hevo), improve data cleanliness, think in terms of data governance, and influence refactoring of SQL and NoSQL tables/documents.

  • You will join an all-hands effort in 2021 to migrate RXNT’s billing software from on-prem to a containerized, robust Azure deployment (alongside qualified external consultants).

  • You will regularly review the SQL and NoSQL query code of your peers

  • You will push for and maintain best practices like the Joel test, 12-factor app methodology, and quality unit tests in DBT and tSQLt

  • Your engineering manager will help you understand key technical metrics to aim for (like average and P99 latencies), and the product manager will help you understand how US healthcare professionals work and how we can best serve them.

  • To a lesser degree, you will leverage data visualization tools like Data Studio or Tableau to help the team better understand customer data.

You might be a good fit if you

  • Have a proven track record (3+ years of experience) of architecting and engineering world-class, large scale commercial applications and services

  • Are strong in computer science fundamentals (typically backed by a bachelor's degree or higher in computer science, or a bachelor’s degree or higher in a math or science field plus strong professional experience)

  • Are proficient in SQL, including all joins, analytical functions, window functions, and columnar dialects like BigQuery Standard SQL

  • Are proficient in at least one general programming language with good data capabilities, e.g. Python

  • Understand how modern data systems work and how to use them appropriately (see Designing Data-Intensive Applications - Kleppmann, Martin)

  • Have experience using a variety of databases (SQL, columnar databases, NoSQL) in scenarios that require thoughtful indexing, modeling, querying.

  • Have exposure to the modern tools of the trade, including tools like DBT, ELT systems (Hevo), Tableau, RedGate.


  • General software experience or an interest in getting broad experience will help you succeed long-term within RXNT

  • Open-source contributions

  • Speak publicly or write technical content

  • Read voraciously

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