Principal Technical Mentor, Online

About the Role 

As a Principal Technical Mentor at App Academy, you have the crucially important role of using your software development and mentorship experience to ensure that students transform themselves into software engineers.  

This is a 100% remote position. This position reports to the Director of Instruction.


    • Confirm that students understand the technical content of the curriculum

    • Provide supplementary explanations to students about ideas and techniques found in the curriculum

    • Occasionally provide the answers during Q&A sessions for the cohort’s class

    • Meet weekly with instructors and TAs to reconcile the progress of students’ learning journeys

    • Suggest secondary resources to enhance student comprehension

    • Provide qualitative feedback about students interactions with the curriculum content as part of the Curriculum Design Lifecycle

    • Create new content for internal and external training

    • Implement features in the learning management system

    • Facilitate staff improvements through internal training

Experience and Qualifications

    • Three years of hands-on software development experience creating and maintaining software in production

    • One year of software development experience at a software company or two years of software development experience at a non-software company (within the last five years)

    • One year of teaching adult learners or one year of verifiable success as a people manager

    • Demonstrable knowledge of all of the following programming topics: JavaScript, HTML 5, and CSS 3, ReactJS, the Flux architecture, object-oriented design patterns and principles

    • Demonstrable competence of at least one of the following languages and associated frameworks: Ruby with Ruby on Rails, Python with Flask and SQL Alchemy, Java with Spring and JPA, C# with ASP.NET MVCand EF

    • Demonstrable knowledge of at least two of macOS, Windows, and Ubuntu Linux

    • Demonstrably excellent writing and oral communication skills

    • Demonstrable capacity to judiciously handle interpersonal relationships with empathy

Nice to Have

    • Demonstrable knowledge of devops tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, or Terraform

    • Demonstrable knowledge of using microservice-based architecture

    • Demonstrable knowledge of functional patterns and principles

Our Values

    • Take responsibility for student success. Everyone works together to enable student success.

    • Follow the numbers.  Decisions should be backed by data.

    • Embrace a growth mindset.  View challenges and failures as opportunities to improve.

    • Start with why.  See the big picture and question the status quo. If there’s a better way of doing things we should investigate it.  

    • Create an inclusive environment.  We work together to promote empathy and respect amongst all students and staff.

    • Build with urgency. Build like careers depend on it.

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