Remote Software Engineer - build top rated SaaS tools for medical researchers

Who is Castor?

Castor is one of the fastest growing healthtech startups. Our mission is to bring medical research into the digital age. Why? Because medical research is still largely run using free-text, paper and spreadsheets. 

By enabling our users to capture high quality data and making it machine readable, we are fundamentally changing the broken evidence based medicine process. You’ve found yourself a company with a true purpose. Learn more at and on our Life at Castor instagram channel.

How is Castor supporting the Coronavirus crisis?

Castor has joined the global fight against the Coronavirus by making our research data capture system available for free for all COVID-19 research projects. As of May 25th, Castor is supporting more than 200 COVID-19 studies across the world. 

Castor’s EDC team

Castor Electronic Data Capture (EDC) is the core of our platform. It’s also our largest product in terms of customers and codebase, with thousands of researchers worldwide using our EDC to build their study databases and securely collect their research data.

 The EDC team focuses on bringing clinical research into the 21st century. Together, the team contributes to developing exciting new features, powerful APIs that connect our platform to Electronic Health Records and complex algorithms to support versioning of study data and metadata. 

We also want to be honest. With all this new code, the team also ‘get their hands dirty’ to resolve some of the technical debt we’ve been accumulating over the last few years.

Remote work

At Castor, our entire team is currently working from home. We’ve realised our regular office setup may not be practical in the months and, potentially, years to come.

Although this comes with new challenges, we are beginning to build a great remote working culture. We believe expanding our horizons and hiring on a remote basis is key to continuing on our mission of delivering faster, smarter medical research.

For that reason, this position is remote-only (from anywhere in similar working timezones). As we don’t have world-wide payrolling solutions in place, we expect that you have the capability to invoice us as a and can arrange your own taxes with your government.

What you’ll do

At Castor our stack,'s stacked! With PHP at it's heart, Castor EDC uses Doctrine, React, ExtJS and MySQL, runs on ansible- and terraform-managed infrastructure, builds via CircleCI, and is monitored via Tideways, NewRelic and Prometheus. To realise our vision and ensure that our products and tools embrace the frontier of innovation, you’ll:

  • Designing, debugging and coding for a growing network of medical researchers

  • Analysing performance data and optimising bottlenecks

  • Deconstructing user requirements to model optimal, scalable, solutions

  • Working on automated toolchains to construct and integrate our applications

What you’ll bring

A repertoire of coding comprehension! Being a skilled software engineer, you’ll know how to decrypt and improve a (legacy) codebase whilst keeping yourself abreast of current trends. You’ll have:

  • Significant practical experience with PHP, design patterns, OOP, and automated tests

  • Working knowledge of Javascript, preferably with React and/or Sencha ExtJS

  • Experience in building web-based applications (SaaS)

  • Knowledge of web security, common vulnerabilities and their mitigations

  • A creative mindset with the ability to help solve challenging domain problems

What you’ll learn

It’s a crucial time for Castor. We’re on ‘full power mode’ and scaling-up at an exponential rate. For you, the opportunities are endless:

  • How to build robust ‘bulletproof’ security which protects patients medical data

  • Working with a diverse group of developers from all over the world

  • To share your ideas openly and influence the growth of a true scale-up company

  • Be involved in maximising the impact of medical research and improving healthcare

How do we say thank you?

At Castor we truly live and breathe our core values, believing we can 'achieve anything with a healthy and happy team.' With this in mind, we encourage a truly flexible approach to working and time to rest. You can also use our company subscription to Calm for a little meditation or relax time. Of course, we also want to reward our Castorians for their impactful work, and so we offer compelling contractor rates.

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