Senior DevOps Engineer

Rialtic is looking for experienced DevOps engineers. DevOps is a series of practices and processes that are intended to secure, speed up, and automate aspects of the processes of developing, testing and releasing software, allowing for the continuous delivery of software and software updates. Whereas previously software would be developed by developers and then passed onto testers to test and go back and forth between them, DevOps practices aim to simplify this by integrating these previously separate teams. Rialtic DevOps engineers are responsible for facilitating this.

Our architectures are reactive, serverless, and capable of processing billions of transactions. Our products operate on highly regulated data that require extensive testing and exacting security controls. Our platform results must meet exceedingly high performance and quality from equally demanding clients. Consequently, we require industry certifications and continuing education. The person will also be responsible for working with a collaborative team of highly skilled developers who have a track record of success and a proven ability to empower their colleagues.

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The key responsibilities of the DevOps leader are:

  • Ensuring the security and integrity of our client’s data

  • Partnering with our security operations (SecOps) team to protect our client’s data and Rialtic’s IP by ensuring that systems are safe and secure against cybersecurity threats

  • Supporting compliance efforts, specifically HITRUST

  • Supporting the development and roll-out of new processes and strategies for improving and sustaining exceptional quality levels while accelerating content development.

  • Automating configuration management with infrastructure code

  • Testing infrastructure with technologies like Inspec

  • Collaborate with product managers to find the fastest paths to customer value

  • Supports curating a collaborative team of highly skilled DevOps engineers capable of empowering their teammates to deliver sophisticated solutions

  • Reinforce and energize a culture of documentation discipline and the ability to create informative diagrams to explain quality program and architectures

Relevant Technology Stack (including but not limited to):

  • Infrastructure

    • AWS

      • Lambda

      • Fargate

      • S3

      • RDS

      • DynamoDB

      • Sagemaker

  • Languages

    • Golang

    • Python

    • Terraform

    • Inspec

  • Tools

    • GitHub

    • Jenkins

    • Nexus

    • Selenium

  • Techniques

    • Test Driven Development

    • Kanban Agile

Who you are

  • A dynamic servant leader with experience managing a DevOps team

  • Adapts easily to changes

  • An eagerness to work with remote, multi-national, multi-cultural teams

  • Fact-driven in analysis and recommendations

  • Curious to learn and explore new approaches

  • Player / Coach leadership style

  • Efficient work habits – ability to focus on what matters most

  • Obsession with client value

  • Demonstrated strength in talent selection and management

  • Strong execution skills and action bias

Candidacy Buffs

  • Publications

  • Speaking events

  • 2+ years of recent experience in

    • UI and API testing with BDD

    • Infrastructure testing with

    • Terraform

    • Kanban Agile

    • Test Driven Development

This is a remote position that involves extensive communication with colleagues using online services, such as Slack and Zoom. The candidate must have a quiet and private location to work from and fast Internet for seamless, fluid communications.

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