Senior Frontend Engineer Experienced with React and Who Loves Sports

The product teams at FieldLevel are focused on delivering a powerful athletic recruiting platform for high school, club, junior college, and college coaches. We are customer-centric and work with coaches & athletes across the nation every day. We are measured by our outcomes, not our output. Our goal is to deliver a valuable product that simplifies the recruiting process.

As a Senior Frontend Engineer will join a cross-functional team that owns a particular part of our product. Teams typically consist of a product manager, designer, frontend engineer, backend engineer, and DBA/BI.

Our product teams tackle problems related to social connections/feeds, messaging, video delivery/discovery, search and recommendation engines.

Here is your chance to be a key contributor on a product team focused on delivering value and changing the lives of athletes and coaches all over the nation.

What you'll do:

  • You are not just an engineer being handed spec, you will participate in all phases of the product discovery & delivery lifecycle.

  • You will be a key member of a cross-functional team that is focused on delivering value to our customers.

  • Design and implement the components of our React and AngularJS app.

Tech Stack

  • React, AngularJS, .Net C#, SQL Server, Azure, Docker, Redis

How we build & deliver

  • We deploy changes & updates when they are done, multiple times a day. CI / CD automated to production.

  • We are agile, but we do not strictly adhere to Agile.


  • You are humble in the workplace, but you can defend ideas that you believe in.

  • You don’t love your solutions, you love knowing our customer’s problems are solved.

  • Love delivering products into the hands of customers.

  • Strong Experience with React

  • Comfortable with AngularJS (we are migrating away from it).

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