Senior Scala Developer - Data Engineer

We are looking for someone that is adept at writing and delivering quality software.  You will be working closely with the full team of eight full time engineers and the VP of Software Development.  Our back-end stack is functional - Scala & Haskell (we have begun the process of migrating our Haskell back-end to Scala), they are used to create services that run in AWS.  Typically our APIs are built with Finagle and Circe, and we haven't really landed on a preferred data access library, we've used Anorm, Scalike and Quill.  We try not to be dogmatic about our tooling and we juggle that with the benefits of consistency. The customer UI is a single page web-app written in TypeScript/Angular. On the infrastructure side we currently use PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Kafka, and DataDog.

We are looking for someone that can help us architect and implement the data flow in our microservice SaaS platform. In this role you will be establishing the data engineering practice, and will be expected to define and promote best practices for big data development at Signal Vine.  Further, you should have experience with a wide array of durable storage technologies and approaches - we are looking for someone that can understand our business goals and work with the team to design the appropriate way to collect & disseminate data across our platform to achieve them.


  • Are a confident and capable Scala programmer

  • Can do self directed work and work as part of a team

  • Are intellectually honest 

  • Can express technical concepts to a non-technical audience 

  • Are trustworthy and conscientious 

  • Have excellent troubleshooting and problem solving skills

  • Have an analytical mindset - you form hypotheses and run tests to get answers

  • Understand the trade-off between purity of code and the practicality of business, that is, you are willing to make reasonable compromises to satisfy business objectives.

  • Are not a brilliant jerk

It’d be cool if you...

  • Have experience designing performant ElasticSearch indices

  • Have experience with Kafka, stream processing, and/or Haskell

  • Have experience building DataDog dashboards for application monitoring 

  • Have worked as a team lead before (officially or not)

  • Enjoy mentoring

  • Have worked on a scrum team

  • Know Unix well 

  • Have public examples of projects you’ve completed 

  • Have published technically relevant articles, blog posts or books 

We will...

  • Pay a competitive salary including equity and health insurance 

  • Provide a laptop  of your choice - we have a mix of Lenovo’s & Macbooks in our dev team

  • Respect your work schedule and habits by focusing on results 

  • Offer you a chance to go on an exciting ride as the company grows 

Attributes of Top Signal Vine Performers

  • Respectful and value the contributions of others

  • Humble enough to know it’s not all about you

  • Anticipates what’s next and prepares

  • Insightful to gain a complete understanding

  • Intuitive to not always need instructions

  • Detail-Oriented knowing the smallest details can be the most important

  • Compassionate to not only care for, but try to understand others

Your first few months

To make the onboarding process smooth, and give you a flavor of what you can expect, we have a set of goals & milestones to help get you up to speed @Signal Vine.

By (calendar) day 30

  • You will know our application architecture

  • You will know our build and deploy process

  • You will know our development workflow

  • You will have completed tickets in a sprint

  • You will learn and use our proprietary scripting language to onboard customers with our customer success team

By day 60

  • Your sprint velocity will increase

  • You will be contributing to discussions about how to build and architect features during our backlog review & pointing sessions

By day 90

  • You will be helping jr. developers solve issues

  • You will know all of the initiatives the product team and contractors are working on, and how they align w/the company vision

  • You will be discussing and planning technical strategy w/the VP of Software Engineering

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