Senior Software Engineer


As a Senior Software Engineer at Prefect, you will work on and lead projects critical to the success of the company. You will focus on scaling our API with expert knowledge of databases and in-memory datastore systems. These systems need to provide extremely low latency to support high throughput of requests that orchestrate events in real time.

You will coordinate with internal stakeholders, including our CTO and CEO, on new features and help Prefect execute our company’s product roadmap. You will proactively identify opportunities for improvement, build consensus, track risks and dependencies and lead projects to completion with a positive attitude. You will be a mentor and provide leadership to other members of the engineering team.

We expect our engineers to be product focused and enthusiastic to take on new challenges and drive our product and culture forward.

What you’ll be doing (core responsibilities):

  • You will be responsible for optimizing and scaling our product to stay one step ahead of the high demand and traffic

  • You will set up monitoring to finely tune our queries and database performance

  • Familiarity with multi database technologies and access patterns (for example, PostgreSQL, BigQuery, Snowflake)

  • You will design and build new features from our product roadmap

  • You will mentor members of the engineering team

  • You will lead a high-performing and winning culture and foster a collaborative working environment with other members of the engineering team

  • You are a self-starter: you will not hesitate in taking ownership of your ideas and advocating for them

  • Extreme attention to detail - Prefect requires thinking through extreme edge cases without losing sight of providing a simple user experience

Qualifications (you must have):

  • 5+ years experience working with Python (including asyncio)

  • 5+ years of working with and maintaining databases (preferably PostgreSQL) and datastores (such as redis)

  • Experience deploying and monitoring scalable Kubernetes applications

  • Experience with cloud services (AWS, Azure, GCP)

  • Advanced knowledge of building highly available systems

  • Experience delivering projects from inception to production

  • Management or leadership experience

About you (we’d like you to have):

  • Knowledge of GraphQL and GraphQL servers

  • Experience with Apollo and Hasura

  • Experience contributing to open source projects

  • Excellent judgement and analytical ability

  • Demonstrated track record as a successful people manager

  • Experience in a start-up or high-growth environment

  • Experience with data engineering and data science workflows

  • … and an understanding of how and when to “break the mold” when the best practice for Prefect deviates from an industry standard

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