Senior/Staff Backend Engineer


We are growing and evolving at an incredible pace. Embracing new technologies and driving positive change is core to our beliefs and success. We emphasize creative problem solving and great communication over specific technical skill sets. If you are looking for cool technical challenges and want to make a difference in the world with your work, this is the position for you!


You will be responsible for the design, development and maintenance of our core backend systems that interact with apps, devices and third party services. Depending on the team that you will join you may help support user facing apps with millions of users, build a study platform used to advance medical research, or develop efficient systems to securely integrate with health and fitness data providers. In this role you will also:

  • Define and review Technical Design Documents used to architect our systems

  • Learn and use Terraform and Kubernetes to deploy and manage our infrastructure

  • Develop Site Reliability Indicators to monitor systems and predict failures


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (or related technical field)

  • 5+ software engineering experience or equivalent (e.g., CS undergrad + some work)

  • Advanced experience with Ruby on Rails and its testing frameworks (e.g., Unit Test)

  • Experience with relational databased (e.g., Postgres)

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Master degree in Computer Science

  • Experience building RESTful frameworks and integrating APIs at scale

  • Know-how of Sidekiq, Redis, CircleCI, Datadog, NewRelic, or similar tools

  • Working knowledge of AWS and its services (e.g., Cognito, Kinesis, RDS)

  • Familiarity with Kubernetes and infrastructure as code (e.g., Terraform)

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