Senior UI Architect - WFD

UKG is seeking a Senior UI Architect with relative experience supporting/developing REST based, Java-backed SaaS applications that leverage a JavaScript HTML UI framework with WebSockets. Individual will be responsible for working with development teams on a wide variety of initiatives including development best practices, design, standards and guidelines, frameworks, performance optimizations, observability, and many more. Further, the candidate will collaborate with a range of stakeholders to achieve business objectives and be a leader guiding the product offering with respect to UI and product integration.
Job Description
• Define development best practices: In collaboration with the UI leads, document and share with the development community, the UI development best practices. These best practices include processes and tools used as part of the IDE, code quality, performance, and code maintainability.
• Investigate new frameworks and libraries that can help improve our development process. In collaboration with the UI leads, investigate new technologies and new libraries to define how they can be integrated into our current development process.
• Define and execute on the strategy for the move to Angular from AngularJS based applications working with the different UI architects/leads/managers.
• Design the new common components and evolve the existing ones. The UI architects are responsible for the UI common-component design with the supervision of the suite UI architect and in collaboration with the UI leads. For each existing common component, the UI architects need to assess the existing implementation and define the component road map which includes the list of expected improvements, the sizing of the work, and the impacts on the component consumers.
• Provide support for UI development teams. Be a mentor to junior UI developers, assess and advise on how to improve code quality, conduct code reviews, and provide help in developing complex pieces of code.
• Provide support for UX design validation. Work up front with UI designers and product owners to ensure that the proposed UX design can be implemented efficiently and will meet our performance standards.
• Collaborate with UI architects to define reusable common patterns and platform improvements.
• Produce the HLD and MLD for UI platform headlines and conduct PoC for feasibility of any new proposals in the platform updates. The PoC results need to be reviewed with the Suite UI architect and other architects depending on the impact of the changes.
• Work with the UI platform team to provide a performant and developer friendly infrastructure in Node and Nginx. This would include implementing better build models and providing hardening guidance for Node and Nginx infrastructure.
• Manage global style guide and global component guidelines and enforce those guidelines rigorously.
• Assess usage of Node and Nginx services by the different domain implementations and provide best practices for usage of different frameworks in those services (e.g. redis, express..).
• Define the architecture strategy for UI platform components to be scalable for large scale deployments.

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