Sr. Engineer, IAM Continuous Authentication

What's the opportunity?

As we scale Auth0 and handle billions of logins per month, we also have to deal with billions of attacks. Almost 40% of our traffic are bots trying to get access to our customer's accounts and our job is to not let that happen.

At the same time we want to provide a great experience to our users and let them know when something suspicious is going on: someone logged in from a device that was not seen before; from a place that would be impossible based on previous activity; from a TOR node; etc.

Finding the right balance between security and user experience is a hard problem to solve. This is the mission of the Continuous Authentication team.

Did that spark any interest? Read more about our vision and how we hire.

You will:

      • Dive deep into our data to make sense of new attacks vs legit patterns.

      • Become an expert in fighting hackers and botnets.

      • Collaborate with developers from other domains like Protocols, Sessions, Login, and MFA to provide the best experience while keeping it secure.

      • Strive for high availability and performance by continuously tweak the engine

      • Learn about the errors and incidents in production while participating in the on-call rotation

      • Identify and resolve production issues and implement fixes for them.

You might be a good fit for this role if you:

      • You have 7+ years of software development experience.

      • You have previous experience using Node.js (JavaScript).

      • You have exposure to data-intensive systems with high performance in data retrieval.

      • You have created public APIs and you enjoy the process of doing it.

      • Are passionate about working on systems that are highly-reliable, maintainable and scalable.

      • You have experience and passion for good engineering practices and testing.

      • You have knowledge and experience of data modeling and principles of database systems (relational and non-relational).

      • You are a good communicator and enjoy interacting with people.

      • You excel when working autonomously, and know when to seek help from your team members.

      • Have solid experience with cloud environments (e.g: AWS).

      • You always strive to learn and are interested in improving your security knowledge.

      • You are located between UTC-03 and UTC-07.

Preferred Skills:

      • You have previous experience using Java at scale (nice to have)

      • Have 2+ years of experience in the identity and access management (IAM) domain.

      • Have some front-end development knowledge and some experience with frameworks such as React

      • Know about security engineering, and application security.

      • Have experience running PostgreSQL in a large-scale production environment.

Preferred Locations:

      • #US

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